IMG Lighting Company is a lighting manufacturer, it was created by the professional lighting engineers and is a part of IMG-Group.
We have established ourselves as a responsible and reliable manufacturer of lighting equipment. When designing our products, we are closely watching each product to correspond to the fundamental IMG rules:

– Practical and modern design;
– Energy Saving Technologies;
– High quality materials and components;
– Simplicity and ease of installation and maintenance;
– Modern safety and energy efficiency standards.
Our engineers are constantly looking for the most daring ideas and lighting solutions. Dozens of successful projects throughout the world and respect of our partners, are the best evaluation of our work.


IMG Lighting guarantees the high quality of professional interior and exterior lighting.
Success of IMG is based on adherence to constant innovative technologies and a high level of competence in services and solutions. Years of experience in professional lighting production allows us to take a strong position, investing in the future in order to actively develop and create new jobs.
Our goal is to be the leader of the professional lighting market, offering comprehensive energy-saving solutions for successful work and life.
Our work is synonymous with responsibility towards our partners, employees and society.
Our experience is based on a combination of new technologies, professionalism and friendly cooperation, which allows IMG to be a reliable partner in the field of lighting solutions.


At all stages of our professional activity, IMG-Group Company is closely monitoring the observance of all the world’s environmental standards.
Worldwide, up to 20% of electricity used for the lighting. As a manufacturer of lighting equipment, we are aware of our responsibility and constantly create more innovative and high-tech products.
Producing equipment that makes our world more beautiful at night, we never for a moment forget about the bright, clear sky and security of future generations. We are proud of our many achievements in the field of energy-saving and we believe that our solutions will retain the health and quality of life for our children.